KPN Safe Lock: a smart bike lock which makes it impossible to cycle and use your Android phone at the same time. When you unlock your bike to start cycling, your mobile network will be temporarily blocked. Emergency calls can still be made.

KPN Safe Lock

The first bike lock that makes cycling itself more safe

The Netherlands is a small country with more bikes than people. In recent years we are seeing an increase in serious bike accidents involving mobile phone usage. For children as many as 1 in 5 accidents involve mobile phone usage. As a telecom provider, KPN wants to take its responsibility and contribute towards raising awareness that cycling and using your phone don’t go together anymore.

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Bikes and phones don’t go together anymore

The Safe Lock is a bicycle lock which connects to an app on your phone. You use the app to open the bicycle lock. Then, when the lock is opened, the app sends a signal to the KPN network. This temporarily blocks data and phone traffic.

When you are done cycling, you lock your bike and the lock will send a signal to the app again. This will then send a signal to the network that traffic is to be enabled again on the phone. As soon as you lock your bike again, you will receive all the notifications and calls you would have received during your cycle

Swipe to lock your bike

Swipe to lock your bike


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